Smoking and cooking oven Bastra Bastramat 1200-C-R

Smoking and cooking oven Bastra Bastramat 1200-C-R
Electric heating, for one trolly, separate friction smoke generator, with a glass door and interior lighting.
Automatic fresh air and humidity psychrometric control, compressed air cleaning, vertical circulating air, temperature range up to 150 degrees.
Control by BASTRA PROFI 700 microprocessor, with interface card, touch screen with 7 glass panels, 99 programs with 20 program steps each.
Volume 1700 liters, capacity 60-220 kg depending on the caliber and type of products, length of the smoking bar 900 mm, electric heating.
Total connected load including friction smoke generator: 28, 30 kW, fuse at 400 V 3-N A Euro standard 50 A.
External dimensions, width: 140 cm, height 233 cm, depth 99 cm without door, depth: 107 cm including door.
Required room height: 237 cm, required door width 111 cm, with door control.
BASTRA-Smoke 650 RR friction smoke generator, including cleaning, loading with square logs.
Very good condition, ready to use.

Price: 19500 euros (does not include the cost of transportation to the destination country).Please write to for more information.

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