Derinder Weber ASB 800/1 (overhauled)

Derinder Maja SBA 410 (overhauled)

Derinder Weber AS450

Derinder Weber AS450
The machine is in excellent condition, weight 138kg (with pallet). The machine has been tested and is ready for immediate use, connection 0.75kW, 400V, 50Hz, dimensions 70/55/98cm, the cutting thickness is adjustable to a very fine measure, many professionals also use this machine also as a skinner, cutting width 400mm, machine made of stainless steel, with wheels, bearings and chains are in good condition, comes with 4 cutting blades, the machine was not used much, excellent condition.
Price: 1950 euros (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information

Derinding machine Maja SKINNY II (new)

Derinding machine Maja SKINNY II  (new)

Derinding machine Maja SKINNY II  (new)
The conveyorized derinding machine SKINNY II is the smallest and most appreciated derinder in butcheries. It can be used for automatic derinding of all flat pieces of meat, which are introduced into the machine through an infeed conveyor belt. In manual (open) mode, round pieces of meat can be derinded, too. The SKINNY II meets with the CE safety regulations regarding operator safety and sanitation conditions.

The advantages of the SKINNY II:

  • One machine for all cuts: The possibility of automatic operation and manual operation allow universal use and flexibility.
  • High operator safety for derinding of flat cuts by using the infeed conveyor belt.
  • Quick conversion from automatic to manual derinding without the use of tools.
  • Excellent result: Perfect removal of the rind without residuals for increased yield and more benefit.

Price: On customer request. Please write to for more information.

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