Automatic Mixing Grinder Kilia D114

Automatic Mixing Grinder Duker Rex AW 130

Autoclave Korimat KA240

Autoclave Korimat KA240
Made of stainless steel. A circuit diagram is located in the control box, with instructions manual (German), pressure and temperature indicator. The lid is closed by turning it slightly to the right, 3 stainless steel baskets, base plate, compensation ring and a floater, with pressure relief valve, possible hot and cold water connection (below at the outlet), or just fill from above, below is a drain.
For sterilization, cooking, fast cooking, etc.
Inner dimensions diameter 69 cm, height 67 cm (corrugated bottom, height 10 cm)
External dimensions 89/135/100cm (142cm with control box), weight 301kg, the lid seal is in good condition, it comes with a long handle to take out the baskets.
Connection values: 3x (220V) 230V or 3x (380V) 400V, 16.5 kW, year of construction 1991, with thermostat and safety valve.
Price: 5800 euros (does not include the cost of transportation to the destination country). Please write to for more information.