Autoclave Korimat KA120/1.6

Autoclave Korimat KA120/1.6
With temperature control, the weight is 137kg (without pallet, but incl. Accessories), new lid seal, two baskets made of stainless steel (diameter 47cm, height 16cm), 2 ground spacers (one aluminum, one stainless steel), 1 intermediate plate, stands on 4 wheels, easy to move.
Spare parts included: new pressure gauge and temperature gauge.
Water supply: approx. 5m hose.
Power connection 9kW, 400V (or 3x230V), 50Hz, control voltage 230V. Capacity 120 liters, built in 1981, maximum permissible pressure Pmax = 1.6bar, maximum water temperature 128 degrees Celsius, the external dimensions are 84/86 (including outlet valve at the front)/132cm, inside dimensions: diameter 50cm, height 56cm.
Sold in as is condition.
Price: 2750 Euro (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information.