Canning machine Lanico V110 P SG

Canning machine Lanico V110 P SG
Reconditioned machine, made of stainless steel with 400V connection, very robust machine, tested and ready to use, with lid loader and automatic lid feed, for 99mm cans and other sizes without problem, this machine was designed for use in slaughterhouses, laboratories or industrial production of small lots, the conversion to other heights of cans is done automatically without additional parts, a change of the diameter can also be made in a few minutes by using quick-change parts.
Tin shape: round
Can diameter: 42 to 113mm
Can height: 26 to 140mm
Material thickness of the can body max. 0.30mm, lid max. 0.30mm
Year of construction 2006.
The machine was seldom used.
Price: 9900 euros (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information.