Semi-automatic clipper Beck BDC-200 SM

Semi-automatic clipper Beck BDC-200 SM
The semi-automatic double clipper is used at small and large food processing plants. It is compatible with all casing types with a diameter of 30-100 mm, and for polyamide casings – also larger diameters up to 140 mm. Semi-automatic clippers are mechanically connected with the filler, equipped with a portion device and control element.

Standard accessories:
Automatic cutting of the casing between clips, adjustable distance between clips, adjustable clip closure, additional elements of adjusting the knife to make the ends clean, manual feeding of loops, flexible adjustment of the speed and brake of the casing, automatic and manual control of the filler, adjustable tray, 1 set of filling tube and the brake rubber, 1 set of special spanners, operation and maintenance manual.

Special accessories:
Device facilitating clipping of delicate casings, automatic loop feeder – makes the operator’s work faster and easier, compressed air preparation station, automatic string dispenser, special system to cut nets or more difficult casings.

Price: 14500 euros (does not include the cost of transportation to the destination country). Please write to for more information.

Double clipper Beck BDC-200 MT (new)