Fully Automatic Double Clipper Beck BCS-700AM

Fully Automatic Double Clipper Beck BCS-700AM
The clipper was only used in an exhibition and never worked in production.
The machine is new but is sold at a very reduced price.
– 30 gauge range – 140mm
– Pneumatic cutting blade
– Stroke limitation
– Touch operation
– Adjustable support cart with wheels
– End of casing switch
– 1 filling tube with gut brake included
– Preparation of compressed air
– Tools and instruction manual.
– 6bar compressed air
Compatible with: S-700 Series Clips
Clips: S-735, S-740, S-744

Price: 29000 euros (does not include the cost of transportation to the destination country).
Please write to info@food-processing-machines.de for more information.

Coil system for clips: 3770 euros
Loop dispenser: 3550 euros
Thread dispenser: 1495 euros