Dishwasher Hobart UX60E

Dishwasher Hobart UX60E
Universal dishwasher, crate washer, year of construction 1999, connection 400V, power 17,2kW. Dimensions inside 120x67x60cm, total dimensions 137x83x170cm, weight 310kg.
Very good working condition, fully functional.
Price: 2500 Euro (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information.

Industrial dishwasher Meiko

Industrial dishwasher Industrial dishwasher
The conveyor dishwasher B 190 P, made by MEIKO, is aimed for high-grade washing large amount of dishware and tableware. Full automation of work process allows to make that number of wash cycles, which is required during the day. The model B 190 P fits perfectly, for example, for restaurants with a large number of seats.
A IMC Waste Disposal Unit is included.
Announced dimensions of the conveyor dish washer B 190 P are:
• length – 4000 mm,
• depth – 770 mm,
• height – 2050 mm.
Price: 8400 Euro (does not include the cost of transport to the destination country).
Please write to for more information.
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