Hydraulic piston filler Alexanderwerk ACN30

Hydraulic piston filler Alexanderwerk ACN30
Capacity 30 liters, the filler has a new screen and additionally comes with a replacement screen. Machine for filling, portioning and twisting. Made of stainless steel, the piston is made of plastic, year of manufacture 1996, with a tool for the piston and 6 filling tubes. The interior of the stainless steel cylinder is in very good condition, with
a relatively new cover seal ring, 7.4 L / min, 230 and 400 volts, 2.2 kW, pressure 150 bar.
Good condition, fully functional.
Price: 5500 Euro (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to info@food-processing-machines.de for more information.