Combined cooking and smoking oven VOSS 1017.2 KWE

Combined cooking and smoking oven VOSS 1017.2 KWE
For cooking, roasting, hot and cold smoking, electric operation. The oven was checked by the recognized manufacturer VOSS, weight 850kg, Fully functional and ready to use. An operation manual, installation plan, electrical diagram, circuit diagram and maintenance plan are included.
Main dimensions:
Width 1,505mm
Depth, without door 1,150mm.
Depth, including 1,240mm door.
Height, including 2.775mm motor
Electrical connection 400V, 50Hz, 38.5kW
Specifications: 33kW dry electric heating, split heat output, humidification by cold water atomization, temperature range up to 160 degrees Celsius, automatic door opening, section cleaning.

Process control by means of the IMAGO 3000 microprocessor from VOSS unitron, installed in a separate control box, it can store 99 treatment programs, it can be subdivided with 99 process steps.


Type: long-term smoke generator VOSS GIGANT II / 3-HS. Smoking material:
Wood chips
Width 500mm
Depth 550mm
Height 1,200mm

The oven comes with a stainless steel trolley with the following dimensions: Length 1000mm, width 1050mm, depth 1020mm, height 1720mm.
Price: 4200 Euro (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information.