Cutter Kilia 65 L 3000 RS

DMS Cutter DMK 45 C2 (new)

Cutter Laska KT 200 (overhauled)

Bowl cutter Ramon A-20 VAR (new)

Cutter Meissner RSM 45

Cutter Meissner RSM 45
Capacity 45 liter, stainless steel housing, cast iron bowl, 2 speeds for the knives and 3 for the bowl, mixing speed forward and backward,
cutting head with 6 knives, spanners, anti-noise cover, 380kW connection, power 13 kW, dimensions 115x115x120cm, weight approx. 870kg.
Overall good used condition, works perfectly, 2 feet missing from oxidation.
Price: 3900 euros (does not include the cost of transport to the country of destination). Please write to for more information.

Cutter Kilia 65l EX2000S